If having a mini-drone, tinny as a smartphone, easy to use anywhere and anytime, your dreams came true! Today, taking selfies from incredible angles and from amazing places without selfie sticks, it`s not anymore an effort.

Two (2) German engineers have accomplished the wishlist of all drone users. They have designed DroneX PRO, a foldable and light wear drone with perfect features. DroneX PRO is the best mini-drone in terms of quality, high-tech options and guess what? At the best possible value of money on the market!

DroneX offers you amazing experiences (ultimate selfies, HD photos & videos from incredible places, live stream).

If you order today DroneX PRO, you will get a 50% DISCOUNT. Shippingis FREE worldwide!

DroneX PRO – a guarantee for the flight performance  

DroneX PRO is a pocket drone, compact, with a functional and light design. It offers you unlimited experiences, at an incredibly low price.

Even if it is a mini-drone, DroneX PRO guarantees the flight performance technology. Even if you are not a pro, you will shoot like one. The ultra-vide camera angle of DroneX PRO helps you take original HD videos and photos.

You can take DroneX PRO with you when you are traveling and you will enjoy its 3-speed mode.

DroneX PRO – the experience of a lifetime

The most notable features of DroneX PRO are its portability, HD camera, easy to fly, affordable price. As we speak about a mini-drone, it will fit in your pocket. It was never that easy to travel with your drone.

DroneX PRO is made of ABS plastic, so it`s strong and light. You can take stunning videos and photos, without focusing on its weight. DroneX PRO has no competition when it comes about its features (Panorama Mode, Slo-Mo Mode, high-definition…).

In just a click of a button with DroneX PRO, you will enjoy the experience of a lifetime with your family, friends.

DroneX PRO –  why is it that special

With DroneX PRO you will go further – up to 2km and faster – up to 12 meters per second. This product will offer everyone the experience of a pro.

With its pre-programmed camera shoots, DroneX PRO will offer you an outstanding footage experience (selfies, boomerang, HD video….).

In less than 10 seconds, you will install DroneX PRO by scanning the QR code in the manual. You will plug the battery and the drone will be compatible with your smartphone (Adroit & IOS). Start using DroneX PRO!

DroneX PRO – at an even better price, if you buy it online

The price in the shops is $199.97, but you will get an even better price if you buy DroneX PRO online: $99 (139 AUD). The official website will offer you an online deal at 50 %.

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